Top 25 Trillium interview questions real time for experienced and freshers

The list of top 25 Trillium interview questions asked in real time for both experienced and freshers.


1. Name the important components of Trillium DQ suite?
2. How do you profile a table in TS Discovery?
3. Explain the difference between a static and dynamic entity in Trillium?
4. Explain the process of project creation in Trillium?
5. How do you solution a cleansing project? what are the steps ?
6. Explain the process of setting up business rules ?
7. Explain the process of setting up library rules ?
8. Where is lookup validation available?
9. How will you do date validation in Trillium?
10. I want to merge multiple I/P files into one. which component in TS Quality helps me do this and how?
11. Mention different types of parsing allowed in TS Quality?
12. Mention some of the transformations possible in TS Quality
13. Mention some of the limitations of Transformer ?
14. How Multi country data is handled?
15. Why is Window key generator require?
16. How many levels of window keys can be specified in Trillium?
17. What is your strategy before you design a matching solution?
18. What are three main types of grade pattern matching result in Trillium?
19. How many levels of matching is available in TS Quality ?
20. How is two file comparison done in TS Quality?
21. How do you prepare for Reference matching in TS Quality? what are the pre-requisites?
22. Explain the process of Commonizing in TS Quality?
23. Mention some of the Decision routines?
24. How will you implement an online cleansing project?
25. What are the utilities avaialable in Trillium?