The Ultimate Tips for Better Career Growth in Software Testing

Software testing is a process of finding the software bugs. Software testing can be either manual testing or automation testing. There are a very good number of opportunities for software testers now and in future also as it requires for every software tool or application needs to be tested.


Manual and Automation Testing

The only thing is every software tester should learn advanced and updated technologies in software testing. The Manual software tester should learn automation and DevOps tools. The automation software tester should learn advanced tools like DevOps. You can learn DevOps from DevOps Online Tutorials and Training ? Visit or DevOps Live Online Training by Edureka. The more about Devops you can find here.

Mobile Testing

Mobile testing is also a great option for career growth. Now a days, every application or software is developing in and as both web and mobile applications. So Mobile automation testing is also good to learn for better career opportunities in software testing, software testing scope in future, software testing career growth path, software testing career with good package. Responsive testing is also required for mobile web and hybrid applications. Start learning mobile application testing tools like Appium.

Tips for better software testing career growth path

Devops Online Training

Go through below tips for better software testing career growth path

  • Manual testers should move to automation
  • Good to join in a small company instead of a big company at the career start
  • Good to learn one language, like VBScript, java for automation testing. vbscript is for QTP, Java is for Selenium
  • Get as much as functional knowledge
  • Learn as many tools as you can like DevOps

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