C Interview Questions for Freshers and Experienced

Here is a list of C language interview questions asked in real time for both experienced and freshers. These are commonly asked C programming interview questions for every one. Click here for more interview questions.


C Interview Questions

What are Storage Classes in C ?
What is the difference between char a[] = “string”; and char *p = “string”; ?
What is a far pointer ? What is the difference between arrays and pointers?
What are advantages and disadvantages of recursive calling ?
How to access or modify the const variable in C ?
How the processor registers can be used in C ?
What is structure packing and structure padding ?
How to implement call back functions ?
Write a program to compare two strings without using the strcmp() function
What is the difference between const char *p, char const *p, const char* const p ?
Write a program to interchange two variables without using the third variable?
What is the memory allocated by the following definition ? int (*x)[10];
What is the difference between malloc() and calloc() in C file management?
What is the difference between Class and Struct ?
Explain about strtok & strstr functions ?