C++ interview questions – Essential and Useful

C++ interview questions. Here is a list of top C++ interview questions for freshers experienced professionals about commonly asked C++ interview questions in C++ interviews. The list includes basic and advanced or Cplusplus interview questions or C++ interview questions useful for all C++, embedded C++, C++ programming interviews. Click here for online C Programming & Data Structures course.


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C++ Interview Questions

What is a class and object?
What is inheritance? Explain the types of inheritance supported in C++ ?
What is encapsulation and abstraction ?
Does an abstract class in C++ need to hold all pure virtual functions ?
What is the purpose of the keyword volatile ?
Difference between shallow copy and deep copy ?
What is a storage class? Explain about storage classes names in C++ ?
Explain about static members like functions and variables ?
In how many ways we can initialize an int variable in C++ ?
Explain about function overloading and overriding ?
Explain about inline functions in C++ ?

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What is Constructor ? What is a default constructor and copy constructor ?
What is a destructor ? Can it be overloaded ?
What is a virtual destructor ?
What is the difference between class and struct in C++ ?
Explain about C++ access specifiers ?
What is the Diamond problem ? How to resolve it ?
Can a program be compiled without main() function?
What is pointer in C++ ? What are valid operations on pointers ?
What is the difference between delete and delete[] ?
How to implement exception handling in C++ ? What happens if an exception is thrown outside a try block ?
What is the difference between a shallow and a deep copy of a class ?
What is ‘std’,‘cout’ and ‘cin’ ?
What is a template function ?
What is the use of volatile keyword in c++ ? Explain with example ?
Explain about internal linking and external linking in C++ ?
Explain about storage classes in C++ ? How many storage classes are available in C++ ?
What is the difference between realloc() and free() ?
Explain about persistent and non persistent objects ?

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C++ interview questions