DataStage Interview Questions for Experienced – Must Prepare – Updated

Here is the Top and best list of scenario based IBM Suite DataStage Interview Questions for Experienced or Freshers that must prepare before attending any DataStage interview. The list of questions covers datastage interview questions for 4 years experience, datastage administrator interview questions and answers, ibm datastage interview questions answers, datastage 8.5 interview questions, datastage 8.7 interview questions, datastage production support interview questions.


DataStage Interview Questions

DataStage interview questions

Medium Difficulty Level

1. What all are the Stages you have worked on?
2. Difference between join and lookup stage?
3. Difference between join, lookup and merge?
4. Difference between sparse lookup and normal lookup?
5. Name the command line functions to import and export the DS jobs?
6. What is dataset? How it is been stored in datastage?
7. What is the method of removing duplicates, without the remove duplicate stage?
8. Define Job control?
9. What all are the types of partitioning algorithms?
10. What is the function of configuration file?
11. What all are the parallelism available in datastage?
12. How the parallelism leads to better processing?
13. How can you write parallel routines in DataStage PX?
14. Differentiate between Symmetric Multiprocessing and Massive Parallel Processing?
15. NLS stands for what in DataStage?
16. How can one implement the slowly changing dimensions in Datastage?
17. Differentiate between Datastage and Datastage TX?
18. What are the collecting algorithms in DS?
19. Explain Aggregate stage?
20. What al are the different methods of aggregation?
21. What is sequence?
22. How you can call unix command in DS?
23. What is parameter set?
24. How is ODBC connection ?and what all are the files need to be modified for ODBC connectivity?
25. What is DSParam and what all are the types of parameters?

IBM suite Quality Stage Interview Questions

1. What all are the different stages in Quality stage?
2. What is the significance of the Investigate stage?
3. What all are the masking techniques in the investigate stage and what is there significance in the data analysis/profiling?
4. Is investigation is mandatory step in whole data quality. Please explain.
5. What is the type of investigation which helps to define the classification file in the standardization?
6. What is the structure of the standardisation ruleset in quality stage?
7. Can you create new ruleset in IBM Quality stage?
8. What is the ideal approach to do standardisation in Quality Stage?
9. Explain significance of classification file and the approach to define one.
10. Explain significance of PAT file?
11. What is seplist and striplist?
12. What is match configuration?
13. What all are the ways to test match configuration?
14. What all are the candidates for the block fields?
15. What all are the candidates for the match fields?
16. What all are the available match algorithms?
17. How many passes required for the desirable result of match?
18. How Quality stage is used in MDM ?
19. How to define Quality stage jobs as service?
20. Explain survive stage?
21. Explain types of algorithms available in survive stage?
22. What is the difference probabilistic matching and deterministic matching?

IBM suite Information Analyzer Interview Questions

1. What is information Analyzer?
2. What types of data analysis can be performed using information analyser?
3. What types of reports available using Information analyser?
4. How Information analyser leverage the IBM Information server features?
5. What all are the different level of security on data available in IA?
6. How is rule based analysis done in the IA?
7. What types of scheduling is possible in IA?
8. What is cross domain analysis?
9. How the combination of IA and QS works?
10. How the metadata is imported/ accessed in IA?
11. Where can you see the logs for running IA jobs?
12. What is the other functionality provided by IA other than analysis?
13. What is WISD?
14. What is the process to define a DS/QS job as service?