Neo4j Interview Questions – Graph Database

Here is the list of Neo4j Interview Questions asked in real time for both experienced and freshers. Neo4j is a graph database and used widely in following areas:


Highly connected data ? Social Network
Recommendation system- ( e-commerce)
Path Finding Algorithms
A*(Least Cost Path)
Data First Schema (bottom-up)

Neo4j Interview Questions

What is Neo4j?
In which language Neo4J is written?
What are the indexing capabilities of Neo4J?
For what Neo4j is used for?
List some of the important characteristics of Neo4j ?
Which query language is used in Neo4j ?
How files are stored in Neo4J?
List out the difference between Neo4J Graph Database and MySQL Database ?
What is CQL? How can you run CQL commands in Neo4J?
List different types of object caches in Neo4J?
How information is stored on Graph in Neo4J Database?
Mention how indexing is done in Neo4j?
Explain what Neo4j CQL MATCH command is used for?
What does the SET clause is used for in Neo4j?
Explain how Neo4j stores primitive array ?