Most Important Python Interview Questions – Updated

Here are Basic and Advanced Python interview Questions for developers and testers asked in various companies interviews on Python. The questions are useful for both freshers and experienced job seekers in Python real time interview questions. The list is the Python interview questions you will most likely be asked. Click here for more technical interview questions.


Python interview Questions

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What is Python ? Explain some of the features of Python ?
How are the functions help() and dir() are different?
Explain about Python module?

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How to display the contents of a text file in reverse order?
What is tuples in Python? Difference between tuples and lists in Python?
Explain about Compile-time and Run-time code checking in Python?
Explain about Python’s dictionaries?
Explain zip() function in Python?
How to check the file existence and their types in Python?
Explain pass by references Vs pass by value?
How to overload constructors or methods in Python?
How to achieve Web Scraping in Python?

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Explain all the file processing modes supported by Python ?
Explain about dictionary and How do you create a dictionary ?
Explain split(), sub(), subn() ?
How to convert JSON data into Python data?

Python Interview Questions

How to do exception handling in Python?
How to implement inheritance and multithreading in Python ?
What is the difference between .py and .pyc files?
What is the difference between append() and extend() methods ?