SAS Administrator Interview Questions real time – updated

Here is the list of top 25 SAS Administrator Interview Questions asked in real time. SAS interview questions are for both experienced and freshers. Please post your questions and answers as a comment to this post of SAS interview questions.


SAS Interview Questions

1 define metadata
2 what is difference between custom and project repository?
3 what is the difference between purging, formatting and truncating a repository?
4 can you read oracle tables using the sasadm user?
5 what is the difference between readmetadata access and read access?
6 how many types of repositories are defined under sas intelligence platform?
7 when is the sasadm user created?
8 how many users can be attached to a particular project repository?
9 what is the role of sas foundation services?
10 how do you create another user with same privileges as sas administrator?
11 what is the use of sasworkspace server?
12 what do you understand by objectspawner?
13 which inbuilt sas macro is used for backup?
14 what is the main task of bi manager?
15 what are the list of sas foundation services and the servers?
16 what is load balancing?
17 what is pooling and workunit journaling?
18 what is sas grid computing?
19 explain pooling and load balancing for sasworkspace servers?
20 what does the omaconfig.Xml file contains?
21 what is the difference between promotion and replication?
22 which port is by default used for sas metadata service?
23 what is the order of starting of the following sas services: sas metadata, sas connect, sas share, sas object spawner?
24 what type of dependencies can be defined for a sas job?
25 how will you delete a scheduled job from sas di studio?