Top 20 Advanced Abinitio Interview Questions and Answers

Here is the list of top abinitio interview questions and answers advanced for both freshers and experienced in realtime.


What’s the difference between .dbc file and .cfg file?
How a dbc file can be tested from command prompt.
Difference between Phase and Checkpoint.
Which component Automatically increase phase in AbInitio
What is Driving Input of a join component?
How an output file can be used as a lookup file?
Where we can use local lookup Function?
Explain Control Partition and Data Partition
What’s the function of output_index parameter in Reformat component?
Difference Between graph parameter and Sandbox Parameter.
The components Rollup and Aggregation component in AbInitio is used to summarize group of data records. Then which component will perform better?
What is the use of Packages?
Which one is faster for processing fixed length DMLs or delimited DMLs.
How a 4 way MFS can be converted to 8 way MFS.
Which Component in AbInitio can create Deadlock?
What’s the difference between partition by Key and partition by round robin component?
By which component you can run a script?
How you count the record in a file with the AbInitio?
What is the significance of left outer/ right outer join?
By which component u can do the same function of a dedup sort component?
Explain different types of parallelism.
Which component unable to do pipeline parallelism?