Top 50 QTP interview questions must prepare

Here is the list of top and advanced qtp interview questions realtime for both freshers and experienced.


What are the Features & Benefits of Quick Test Pro (QTP)?
How to handle the exceptions using recovery scenario manager in Quick Test Pro (QTP)?
What is the use of Text output value in Quick Test Pro (QTP)?
How to use the Object spy in Quick Test Pro (QTP) 8.0 version?
How Does Run time data (Parameterization) is handled in Quick Test Pro (QTP)?
What is keyword view and Expert view in Quick Test Pro (QTP)?
Explain about the Test Fusion Report of Quick Test Pro (QTP)?
Which environments does Quick Test Pro (QTP) support?
What is Quick Test Pro (QTP)?
Explain Quick Test Pro (QTP) Testing process?
How does Quick Test Pro (QTP) recognize Objects in AUT?
What are the types of Object Repositories in Quick Test Pro (QTP)?
Explain the check points in Quick Test Pro (QTP)?
In how many ways we can add check points to an application using Quick Test Pro (QTP)?
How does QTP identify objects in the application?
What is Parameterizing Tests?
What is test object model in Quick Test Pro (QTP)?
What is Object Spy in Quick Test Pro (QTP)?
What is the Diff between Image check-point and Bit map Check point?
How many ways we can parameterize data in Quick Test Pro (QTP)?
How do you do batch testing in WR & is it possible to do in Quick Test Pro (QTP), if so explain?
If I give some thousand tests to execute in 2 days what do you do?
What does it mean when a check point is in red color? what do you do?
What is the file extension of the code file & object repository file in QTP?
Explain the concept of object repository & how QTP recognizes objects?
What are the properties you would use for identifying a browser & page when using descriptive programming?
Give me an example where you have used a COM interface in your QTP project?
Explain in brief about the QTP Automation Object Model.
How can I add an action (external action) programmatically?
How can I call an external action, which is not added external action of an action.
What is meant by Source Control?
How and what kind of VB functions do you use in QTP?
How can you describe the basic flow of automation with conditional and programmatic logic?
How can I implement error handling in QTP,
How to recall a function in QTP
Give one example where you have used Regular Expression?
How to select particular value from the combo box in the current page which is entered in the previous page edit box after parameterization?
If you have the same application screen with 7 drop down boxes and approximately 70 values how do you test with QTP?
When there is a task that gets repeated in multiple scripts, what do you do in QTP?
What is the descriptive programming and use of descriptive programming?
How to instruct QTP to display errors and other description in the test results instead of halting execution by throwing error in the mid of execution due to an error (for example Object not found)?
How to add run-time parameter to a datasheet?
How to load the *.vbs or test generating script in a new machine?
How can you write a script without using a GUI in QTP?