Top Version Control Interview Questions – Must Prepare

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Version Control Interview Questions

Explain about version control? What are version control tools?
What is configuration management?
What is the CVSNT Project?
Explain about checkin and checkout?
What is subversion?
How to manage several different projects under Subversion?
What are different configuration management tools are available?
What are some troubleshooting hints for Web Start applications?
How to create a package in changeman?
Describe how a program can be staged to the changeman package?
Mention any 5 best SCM practices?
What does aldb_server do?
what is the difference between operating system shell and clearcase shell?
what is the default vob size when it is created at first time?
what is eclipsed file in clearcase?
which DB using by Visulal Source Safe ?
how to restore elements from lost+found directory